All customers and all service models are different and each deployment is unique.

ServiceOrchestrate has been built on the Intrexx platform by Respiro Pty Ltd. Intrexx provides a digital platform that supports rapid development through its low code model.

ServiceOrchestrate has all the functionality to support service modelling out-of-the-box and and rapid customisation to quickly reflect your unique requirements.

Auto deployment of micro segmentation to Azure

Orchestration of tasks really starts to deliver when we remove human involvement. The value proposition of ServiceOrchestrate is the flexibility or adaptability to build automated workflows incorporating whatever systems are out there. The low-code Intrexx platform makes all this possible.

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Overview of ServiceOrchestrate

A short video demonstrating the core functions that ServiceOrchestrate provides (asset management, requests, automation & reporting) and a look under the covers to see how quickly customisation can be achieved.

Automating network segmentation with Illumio

Illumio is a network segmentation product, it enables rapid visibility and segmentation at a very low layer. Achieving this requires knowledge of the machines in you current network. This video shows ServiceOrchestrate gathering CMDB information from on-premise and cloud environments, building a CMDB then automating the labelling of the virtual machines to fast-track an Illumio project.

Check Point reporting with ServiceOrchestrate

Check Point already has a fantastic user interface. They’ve recently been exposing more and more functions through a RestAPI. We’ve customised ServiceOrchestrate to connect the Check Point SmartCentre and perform a couple of tasks that take seconds instead of hours. We’re not advocating replacing SmartCenter but for those repetitive and user-interactive jobs eg adding comments to a policy review, ServiceOrchestrate can save time and money.

Azure & VMware billing reports through ServiceOrchestrate

Let’s be clear, ServiceOrchestrate is not a cloud-broker; it could be, but there are other products available, and we don’t believe it’s a good idea to replicate any cloud or virtualisation platform’s management consoles. There are, though, lots of tasks where ServiceOrchestrate can support your cloud deployments. In this video we connect to Azure and an on-premise VMware environment, pull usage statistics and create a consolidated billing report from an Azure and a VMware ratecard.

CMDB Synchronization

What is a CMDB? A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a list of all the machines that reside on and build your technology environment.

Why do you need a CMDB? A configuration management database is the foundation for automation. You cannot orchestrate changes to something if you do not know about it or are not certain of its attributes. Cybersecurity requires a consistent application of controls across all machines to be effective, without a CMDB this is an impossible task.

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